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Regain and Maintain Healthy Smiles

At AOS, we offer patients all the attention and care they deserve in order to get them feeling healthy again. Here are some of the work we have done.

*Some images are graphic and not for sensitive viewers.

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Facial Assymmetry 2.png

Facial Asymmetry Correction

Facial asymmetries may be congenital or occur after trauma. We meticulously plan such cases using 3D software, and then the surgery is mimicked on printed models before we actually perform the surgery. This patient had a deviated chin which was due to elongation of the right side of the jaw. After correction, he presents with a more acceptable balance to his facial structure.

Cleft Lip and Palate Correction

Cleft lip and palate are congenital and affect about 1 child in every 700 births. These may be isolated or part of a more complex syndrome. This is an extremely distressing phenomenon for parents and every care is taken to holistically and following protocol, repair these defects. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the repair of oral and facial clefts, striving for the best possible results.

Virtual planning 2.png

Virtual Treatment Planning

All implant cases are meticulously planned. We scan patients using CBCT and then using our dedicated software, implant placement is restoratively driven, to offer the most ideal position and emergence profiles. This means that the patient gets the best possible implant position for maintenance and aesthetics.

Oral Surgery

We provide a host of oral surgical procedures, mostly performed in the office under local anaesthesia. This case depicts the removal of a large benign tomour of the hard palate.  Other oral surgery procedures include the removal of wisdom teeth as well as biopsies and apicoectomies (surgical treatment of teeth with failed root canal therapies).

Advanced Orbit Reconstruct 3.png

Advanced Orbital Reconstruction

Fractured orbits (eye sockets) may have devastating sequelae in terms of aesthetics and function. If left untreated, they may result in enopthalmos (sunken eye) leading to resticted eye movement and diplopia (double vision). We use minimal access surgery to repair these fractures, leaving a virtually scarless result. The most common cause of this type of injury is due to sport, thus children and adults playing hockey; squash; tennis or cricket should ideally wear protective eye glasses!

''All-on-four'' Dental Implants

Treatment via this protocol, is suitable for fixed tooth rehabilitation. This treatment is ideal to avoid bone grafts.


Zygoma Implants

An alternative treatment option in extreme bone loss scenarios, would be to use cheek bones for implant placement and then providing a fixed tooth prosthesis.

TMJ Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat pain and disc problems of the jaw joint. It may be done under sedation as an office based procedure; and results in little to no down time for the patient.



Tumours of the jaws are resected and then reconstructed to allow a return to function, aesthetics, and self-esteem for patients.


Patients that sustain soft tissue injuries, or bony fractures, are managed with the utmost of precision. Rigid mini-titanium plates and screws are often used to realign and stabilise the fractured bones. This means that patients can return to normality in as short a time as is possible.

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