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Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery

1 of 700 babies are born with either a cleft lip, palate or both. Using a multidisciplinary approach we treat these patients in a series of staged surgeries ensuring the best possible outcome in terms of function and aesthetics.


Cyst and Tumour Removal

Surgery includes the removal of both benign and malignant legions and the subsequent reconstruction there of.


Dental or Facial Implants

By using the latest technology our surgeons not only do normal dental implants but also ‘’All-on-4’’ and zygomatic implants. These implants are useful in bone depleted scenarios.


Facial Pain Management

We identify and manage debilitating pain conditions of the head and neck region. Treatments include: medication, occlusal bite plates, trigger point injections, dry needling and muscle relaxing injections.


Facial Trauma

We repair all facial bones including the eye sockets with minimal scarring, and have a rapid recovery protocol.

Service Orthodontic surgery 3598 x 2848.

Mandibular Reconstructive Surgery

Mandibular reconstruction is done after extensive trauma or pathology resulting in defects of the bony jaw. The main goal of this procedure is to restore facial form and function.


Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures

Minimally invasive aesthetic procedures include treatments that does not require surgery or going to the hospital and can all be done in our practice. We offer muscle relaxing injections and fillers.


Minor Oral Surgery

Minor oral surgery include the removal of fractured tooth roots, apicoectomies, biopsies and salivary gland conditions.


Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Jaw re-positioning surgery and uvulopalatoplasty are methods to treat OSA. Some long term complications of OSA if not treated include cardiac strain and heart enlargement.

Dental Surgery

Orthodontic Surgery

Services include: surgical expansion, eruption devices and TAD’s (Temporary Anchorage Devices).


Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery improves aesthetics and function by correcting jaw relation discrepancies. We also provide custom facial implants to correct facial asymmetries.


Oral Medicine

We provide patients with a treatment plan for a host of oral diseases such as: viral, bacterial or fungal infections and autoimmune conditions.


Practice Sedation

Treatments are performed under local anaesthetic, general anaesthetic or under concious sedation, depending on surgical requirements.


Temporomandibular Joint Surgery

We use minimally invasive arthroscopic management for internal derangements as well as total joint replacements for advanced osteoarthritis.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted teeth may cause infection, pain, headache and dental crowding. We facilitate the removal of such teeth under local or general anaesthesia or in office conscious sedation.

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